For over ten years, I’ve been photographing pianos around the world with my emblematic « Requiem pour pianos » series. Today, I am proud to present my new sound project entitled « Resonances for pianos ». This project aims to capture the sonic essence of pianos in their original environment, whenever their condition permits.

For a number of years now, I have been recording on the spot, note by note, all the sounds of the pianos I discover whenever possible. This technique enables me to build up a collection of virtual instruments that will be made available to the public at my exhibitions. By recording these sounds in situ, I am able to create a realistic sound model, immortalising the unique voice of each piano and capturing their distinct sonic identity.


The libraries of samples thus created will give a second life to pianos that are often abandoned or difficult to access. They will give hundreds of people around the world the opportunity to make these historic instruments resonate and rediscover their rich sound. My unique approach combines the photography of these pianos in their current state of disrepair with the meticulous recording of their still usable sounds. This immersive approach preserves the musical soul of each piano, adding a sonic dimension to my visual works.

« Resonances for pianos » is not just an artistic project; it’s a tribute to the beauty and fragility of abandoned musical instruments. By capturing their images and sounds, I aim to immortalise their presence and give them a new lease of life. Through my exhibitions, I want to share this complete sensory experience, where the listener can not only see but also hear the story of each piano.


This project is the fruit of my passion for music and photography, and represents an innovative fusion of these two disciplines. It is an invitation to explore and appreciate the richness of sound and vision of the pianos I have discovered and documented over the years. « Resonances for Pianos is a celebration of sound and visual art, a journey through time and space that reveals the hidden soul of these majestic instruments.

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