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Romain Thiery, born in Bergerac in 1988, is a photographic artist and amateur pianist whose work has attracted international attention. Passionate about photography and music, Romain has combined these two arts in his Requiem for Pianos series, which explores abandoned pianos around the world.

For years, the artist has travelled the globe in search of these forgotten instruments, capturing their melancholy beauty and silent history through his lens. For him, the piano is deeply rooted in the depths of our culture and never ceases to retain its nobility. Since 2014, he has discovered more than a hundred abandoned pianos around the world. Scenes from which he never changes a thing, leaving the place as it is. This research has taken him to visit Western Europe, Eastern Europe, as well as the United States.

His unique approach involves not only photographing these pianos in their dilapidated state, but also recording, note by note, all the sounds they can still produce, in situ. This immersive approach, entitled Resonances for pianos, preserves the musical soul of each piano, adding a sonic dimension to his visual works.

The Requiem for Pianos series has become the core of his artistic work, symbolising both decadence and resilience. His photographs, imbued with a profound sensitivity, tell stories of bygone days and nostalgia, transforming pianos into silent witnesses to their era.

Romain Thiery’s work has been exhibited in world-renowned galleries and museums, from Paris to Tokyo, from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv, and beyond. His work has been recognised and awarded numerous prizes, consolidating his place as one of the most influential contemporary photographers. Critics praise his ability to transform scenes of decline into poetic and powerful compositions.

In addition to his artistic achievements, Romain Thiery works closely with the association Musique et Spoliation, an organisation dedicated to the preservation and restitution of musical instruments looted during conflicts. This collaboration underlines his commitment to historical memory and justice, adding an ethical dimension to his artistic work.

Thiery’s photographs have been published in influential media such as The Guardian, Lonely Planet, El Pais, Der Spiegel, Point de Vue, and Esquire, confirming his worldwide reputation. With a track record of success and a singular artistic vision, Romain Thiery continues to inspire and touch a global audience, leaving a lasting mark on the world of art and music.

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