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Masterclass | Training given by Romain Thiery, a photographer artist internationally recognized by numerous awards and exhibitions. Romain is also an official trainer for Graine de Photographe in Montpellier.

The program of this training to the profession of photographer is composed of 3 progressive phases, during which I make my students discover the professional bases of the profession of photographer. In order to put the knowledge into application and to transmit the right professional reflexes, we will go on an immersion in a unique place, very close to my artistic work. We will finish by editing and analyzing your photographs.

During this day of training, you will learn by my side to use your own camera, through a complete program, thought and structured in order to give you quickly the tools necessary for the realization of more and more beautiful and relevant photos. You will have the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical notions discussed, through various simple and effective exercises to allow you to understand each notion by yourself.


Romain Thiery

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250,00 €

Payment in 2 installments is possible at no charge. Contact me at 06 58 10 99 67 for more information.




Romain Thiery galerie d'art à Pezenas, Hérault. Formation photographe par Romain Thiery, masterclass

Place of the theoretical training: my Art Gallery RTGALERIE at 26 RUE CONTI 34120 PEZENAS

formation pratique | Formation de Romain Thiery

Location of Practical Training: Former abandoned residential school.

9H00 – 11H30 : Theoretical training that will take place in my Art Gallery RTGALERIE at 26, rue Conti 34120 Pezenas, with a space specially designed to receive you.

We will discuss the following parameters: exposure, aperture & depth of field, shutter speed & motion, ISO, white balance, focus and how to compose an image and have an artistic rendering.

At the end of the morning theory session, you will be able to understand the fundamentals of your camera.

11H30 : Departure on site to put the theoretical notions into practice. Discovery of a unique site: a former abandoned boarding school. I offer you a total immersion in my artistic world.

Use of my personal vehicle.

12H30 : Arrival on site. Lunch.

13H00 – 15H30 : Discovery of the place and practical application of the theoretical notions by my side. I will advise you on your shots and give you practical exercises to practice and learn from your mistakes.

15H30 : Back to my Art Gallery.

16H30 – 18H00 : Editing and analysis of your photographs. Synthesis of the notions discussed during this day.


  • Have your own camera whether it is a reflex, bridge or compact camera of any brand.
  • Tripod mandatory. Indeed, 90% of the photographs will be taken using a tripod.
  • Bring your laptop (it will stay safe in my gallery for the time of the practical training).
  • Have a civil liability insurance


  • Contact me to make an appointment and book your date.
  • Registration is required.
  • Modification and refund up to 30 days before the date. After this period, there will be no refund.
  • Continuation of the course from 1 registrant.

importants things to know

Questions & Answers

I have all the necessary insurance to carry out this training. 

You must ensure that you have adequate personal liability insurance to cover you and your equipment. I will ask for and verify the presence of this document at the beginning of each MasterClass.

It is essential to bring:

  • its own photographic equipment, be it reflex, bridge, compact of any brand.
  • A tripod. In fact, 90% of photographs are taken on a tripod.
  • His laptop to work on your photographs.
  • Your cell phone, I need to be able to reach you at any time.
  • If the participant cancels 90 days before the start date of the MasterClass, he or she will receive a 100% refund.
  • If the participant cancels within 30-90 days before the start date, he or she will receive a full refund minus the deposit (usually 30%).

  • If the participant cancels within 30 days before the departure date no refund will be given unless the participant can find a replacement student. In this case, a refund will be given.

No, I’m taking care of the travel arrangements. 

You have to go by your own means instead of theory, at my Art Gallery in Pezenas. Afterwards, I will take care of the trips to the place of practice.

I ask everyone to bring their own picnic lunch. Some people may be food intolerant and I don’t want to take the risk. A sandwich is enough as we will picnic on the spot.

I make myself available 7 days a week for my students. You can contact me by phone at 06 58 10 99 67 or by mail at contact@romainthiery.fr.

Are you interested in this masterclass ?

Contact me in order to receive the program of this training day by my side and book your date.

  • 26 rue conti 34120 PEZENAS
  • contact@romainthiery.fr
  • 06 58 10 99 67

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