Exhibitions / expositions

2018     Winner “Open Call”, Israel International Photography Festival, Tel-aviv

2018     Gold Award with “Requiem pour pianos 33”, San Fransisco International Photography Festival

2018     Fine art Photography Award with “Requiem pour pianos 33”, Paris Photo, Px3

2018     Winner Urban Photography, Light Time Space Gallery, USA

2018     3rd Price, Deserted Places, Alverton Gallery, UK

2017     Winner Jury and Public, Festival photographique d’Uzès, France

exhibition exposition romain thiery

2019     La Galerie , Villeneuvette, France

2019     Klangmanufactur Steinway & sons, Hambourg, Germany

2019     Galerie PITA, Bourges, France

2018     Israel International Photography Festival, Tel-aviv, Israel

2018     Galerie Graine de Photographe, Paris

2018     OnOff Galerie, Paris 17eme

2018     Das Deggigner Gallery, Regensburg, Germany

2018     Abalone Gallery, Trondheim, Norway

2018     San Fransisco International Photo Festival, San Fransisco, USA

2018     BokehBokeh Gallery, San Fransisco, USA

2018     Silk Gallery, Montagnac, France

2018     Light Time Space Gallery, Jupiter, USA

2018     Bowery Poetry Club, New-York, USA

2017     Galerie 30, Paris, France

2017     Phinest Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

2017     Fotofever, collaboration with Galerie 30, Paris, France

2017     Galerie Anywhere Création, pie gut-Pluviers, France

2017     Opéra, Bordeaux, France

2017     Alverton Gallery, Penhance, UK

2017     ArsEra Foundation, New-York, USA

2017     Contemporary photo Show, Paris, France

2017     Uzès Photography Festival, Uzès, France

2017     Galerie Cubik, Montpellier, France

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