Abandonment, oblivion, exploration of the unusual is my fascination. I plunge into these spaces that everyone thinks are empty, I stroll there for hours and hours that I classify out of time. This is the goal of my art, to conquer those touches of life that people think are dead and to capture these incredible places with my camera. The abandoned places that I am looking for correspond to criteria that will serve my artistic approach, I want to make intact this peaceful atmosphere, that the atmosphere, the textures, the light that permeate these places jump to the eyes of the curious in the eyes of my art: this is my dearest desire.

It’s all there, just a stone’s throw from home. But the silence of the place, in its absence of life, no longer attracts our eyes, nor our minds.  The eye of my camera then proposes itself universal, it offers a forgotten, majestic, renewed vision.

There is something mysterious that reigns in all abandoned places. When shooting in villas, castles or hospitals, there is always this tension inside that does not disappear until I am outside again. Like a feeling of insecurity, of the unknown, of strange mystery.

But when nature regains its rights, the result is simply spectacular. The diversity of colours tempers me, there is an incredible serenity. I feel totally at ease when I photograph abandoned buildings where nature has regained its rights. As if nature had participated in making these places true havens of peace.

Series produced between 2014 and 2019.

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