These abandoned places are gigantic for the most part: palaces, castles, hospitals, hotels, theatres … An immense space, overwhelming in size, impossible not to feel vulnerable in front of these majestic giants. Yet, I know the outside of these abandoned buildings well: I spent hours on street view, I studied the satellite view upstream. I know their size, their function: they have welcomed travellers, families, spectators. But what’s inside these edifying surprises?

I often spend a whole day in these places, because of the vastness and the time to adapt to the present atmosphere, I myself am in complete immersion. When I leave these abandoned places, my mind is as full as the map on my camera. I feel like I have made a new journey, my journey, the one where I feel free. I come back from far away.

I have discovered marvels, which still make me dream today, places full of stories, of change, most of them doomed to collapse. Some of them are now being renovated and projects are coming to life. A new life for these places, which will perhaps no longer make me happy but hundreds of other people happy.

Series produced between 2014 and 2020

© 2014-2020 Romain Thiery, tous droits réservés/reproduction interdite

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