About Me

I’m Romain Thiery, a french photographer specialized in urban photography (Urbex). I shoot abandoned places and forgotten heritage all over Europe since 2009.

My main art purpose is to capture the peaceful atmosphere of abandonment and perfectly show the mood, the texture and the light of places people are no longer attracted to. Trying to offer a universal and forgotten vision which is majestically renewed. Currently living in Montpellier, South East France, my images are now exhibited in France and America and they have also been published in magazines.

Art Print

Toutes les photos sont disponibles à l’achat en édition limitée et numérotée. Les photographies sont imprimées sur du papier photo fine art baryté (qualité galerie). Chaque oeuvre est livrée encadrée avec certificat d’authenticité et signée de ma part . 

You can purchase my prints here. All photos are available for purchase as a 24 limited edition prints .It is printed on a fine art baryte paper print (gallery quality). Each print contains certificate of authenticity and personal signature. 

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